Little girl with her horse, taking horseback riding lessons in Pickering Ontario at Stonewood Riding Academy

Horseback Riding Lessons in Pickering

Stonewood Riding Academy, located in Pickering Ontario, is excited to announce that we have now expanded our in house services to offer horse lessons to all levels of equestrian enthusiasts. Whether you are just starting out and have never ridden a horse before or are an experienced rider looking for higher level training we have both the coaches and horses to suit your needs.

Horse Lesson Program

Our horseback riding lesson program is designed to build a connection with horses and inspire our students.  We are dedicated to providing horse riding instruction that is both high-calibre and grass-roots. Stonewood is committed to taking its students to their highest potential in equestrian sport through a structured system, high coaching standards and exceptional school horses.

Riding Skills Development

Pickering's Stonewood Riding Academy is founded in a belief that a rider develops best when they are taught in an environment where they receive a great deal of personalized attention and the exercises can be customized to their skill development and goals. All of our instructors has a strong background both working in the industry as well as competing on the “A” circuit in the hunter and jumper divisions.

acquire new skills & stable management knowledge

With a curriculum founded by the Nation's Equestrian Federation, riders graduate through levels 1-10 acquiring new skills and stable management knowledge as they progress. Coaches ensure both parents and riders get regular feedback on progress and report cards are distributed twice a year to each student. Riders may also chose to participate in clinics, camp, horse shows, and official federation testing if they desire to.

providing all levels of riders the opportunity to learn, grow and excel in a safe and fun environment.

Hunter / Jumper / Equitation Training

We specialize in the development of hunter/jumper riders who display strong equitation and a working knowledge of the care and training of the horses they are riding. Riders are taught how to groom, tack and untack, as well as bath their horses in addition to the proper care for their equipment.

Our Happy Horseback Riding Students!

"The time that I have out at Stonewood is always such a treat! The barn is well situated, and the feeling the stable has is a calm, and positive learning atmosphere. Upon coming to Stonewood last winter, I was immediately aware of how calm the horses were in their stalls, how clean and organized the stable is, and the encouraging and positive atmosphere that the staff has around each and every aspect of daily life out at a stable. Each and every ride has a strong focus on the critical importance of good basics and fundamentals of riding, and of the horsemanship both on and off the horses. What the riders here learn is that mistakes and successes during a ride are met with good feedback and no negativity, only the understanding that a mistake is another learning experience to add to a knowledge base. It is a confidence building and life skill developing atmosphere that I know I appreciate upon every ride and day out at the barn!" - Clare Foy

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Located in Pickering, Ontario

Stonewood Riding Academy is conveniently located in Pickering and close to Ajax, Whitby, Uxbridge and Toronto. Our facility offers all the amenities that any horse or rider could ever need.