Our beautiful grounds perfect for corporate leadership training and communication skill building with horses in the Toronto Area

Corporate Leadership - Training with Horses

Corporate Leadership and Communication Training with horses will encourage your team to reconnect and reengage through improved leadership and communication skills in a unique environment. Participants will identify and acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses in a refreshing, thought-provoking environment. Your team will leave with an expanded sense of cohesiveness, and the potential for increased productivity and performance enhancement.  

Horses rely strictly non-verbal communication. When interacting with humans, horses judge people on their hidden subconscious objectives, intentions, emotions and thoughts conveyed through their body language. Furthermore, a horse is easily able to judge a person’s leadership skills; they naturally gravitate towards strong, confident, genuine leaders. If the “leadership” portrayed by someone is not genuine, controlling in nature, or forceful, the horse will immediately sense this.

Using the feedback collected from the horse, participants will learn to be more self-aware of subtle non-verbal communications, how to manage their emotions, and how to harmonize their intentions and actions. Other skills learned during the workshop will include conflict resolution, how to face one’s fears effectively, how to improve mental clarity and how to feel and convey confidence. 

This experience is one where participants will get an immediate response and see the impact a few changes in their approach and communication can make instantly. The horse will begin to respond to the change in leadership and demeanour almost immediately. This means that results can be seen and felt in as little as one day!  

The skills and feedback gathered during the workshops will translate immediately into the corporate and professional setting. The same communication and leadership style that will entice a horse to trust and connect with a human being is the same approach that will encourage a sense of cohesiveness, trust and cooperative collaboration within an organization. 


"Having the chance to work with the horses has truly been a game changer for my team. Since working with them and riding them there has been some kind of reference to the horses and our work environment almost on a daily basis. It allowed the managers to look at our business in a different way.  Each management member had their own individual “a ah” moment. It was wonderful to see them work through difficult scenarios, for example motivating a horse to move and how ironically similar it is to motivate a team member. As a person who has taken many seminars on team building, motivation etc., this was by far the most unique beneficial one to date."
Terri, Tim Hortons Owner

"I never thought that riding a horse could teach me what I learned! 
The exercise has taught me a lot and I highly recommend it to any & everyone.  It's a good way of thinking outside the box to learn how to better communicate in business & life as a whole! I highly recommend it....Great experience!!! 
Dave Matthews, Tim Hortons Manager

"The lesson using the horses to teach us how to lead was amazing. Since horses don’t speak we had to come up with other ways to communicate to be able to lead them to do what was needed to be done. I learned how to look for non-verbal ques to determine the mood of the horse. It taught me to think outside the box. Thanks so much for the opportunity to learn this way,"
Denise Gravelle, Tim Hortons Manager