A selection of recent comments from our terrific clients.

Sophie's 6th birthday party was a dream! We were looking for a new venue, something unusual, that offered a memorable experience for all Sophie's guests. Play-gyms and crafting studios are great, but none of them spoke to us. Like most young girls, Sophie is horse crazy and when I saw that Stonewood offered birthday parties, I knew it was the place for her. The Stonewood staff were wonderful from start to finish. Kim was very patient and answered all of my questions leading up to the date. The instructors that facilitated the party were kind and patient, and shared their love of horses with eight exuberant kindergartners (and their parents). I can say, without a doubt, that each child had a magical time and it won't soon be forgotten. As for Sophie, she still hasn't stopped smiling!

Katie Hull

I started riding lessons at Stonewood Riding Academy a few months ago. I was impressed with the stable right from my first communication with the business office. My initial inquiries were answered promptly and it was clear that customer service is a high priority for Stonewood. The stable did not disappoint. Stonewood has set high standards in all areas including the calibre of horses, quality of instruction, safety, care of the horses, cleanliness of the barn and treatment of the clients. My instructor, Dania, has been wonderful! Her lessons are both interesting and challenging. She is patient and offers encouragement and positive feedback to help improve my riding skills. I look forward each week to my lesson and the time spent at the stable. I would highly recommend Stonewood Riding Academy to future clients.

Carolyn Sullivan

The time that I have out at Stonewood is always such a treat! The barn is well situated, and the feeling the stable has is a calm, and positive learning atmosphere. Upon coming to Stonewood last winter, I was immediately aware of how calm the horses were in their stalls, how clean and organized the stable is, and the encouraging and positive atmosphere that the staff has around each and every aspect of daily life out at a stable. Each and every ride has a strong focus on the critical importance of good basics and fundamentals of riding, and of the horsemanship both on and off the horses. What the riders here learn is that mistakes and successes during a ride are met with good feedback and no negativity, only the understanding that a mistake is another learning experience to add to a knowledge base. It is a confidence building and life skill developing atmosphere that I know I appreciate upon every ride and day out at the barn!

Clare Foy

I have two daughters aged 8 and 12 who ride at Stonewood. Both girls love their coaches who, in my estimation are among the very best: highly qualified, attentive and compassionate. The indoor and outdoor riding facilities are beautiful and well- maintained, and in a idyllic setting. The horses are impressive and treated with great care and respect. Stonewood is a great barn!

Sarah Kurita

Beautiful horses, fun but challenging lessons taking me out of my comfort zone. Friendly people and great coaching!

Claire Westbrook

Stonewood is a stunning facility with a caring and knowledgeable staff. The indoor and outdoor arena are fantastic. Since coming to Stonewood, Maeveā€™s riding ability has really improved. Stonewood is an excellent choice for anyone interested in riding from beginners to more serious riders. Stonewood has the added benefit of being able to offer expertise to a rider who is interested in showing.

Alison Culbert

Raelin has thoroughly been enjoying her riding lessons. The confidence you see coming out in her since her first lesson is amazing. She has anxiety, so social situations can be difficult for her. Her coach has been amazingly patient and supportive. For that I am grateful and so proud of her. The staff have been friendly and professional. The barn is clean and the horses are in good condition.

Nadine Francis

My 11 year old daughter just started weekly beginner lessons at Stonewood in January. The horse she is on has a great temperament and my daughter is always so excited to come. My daughter has ADHD and her coach and stable helpers are all very patient and kind to her. I look forward to her learning more about horses, increasing her riding skill, and just having fun!

Kim McLaughlin-Price

We have been with Stonewood for 16 months and are very pleased and thankful that Stonewood was recommended to us. The atmosphere is very welcoming, clean and safe. My 10 year old absolutely loves it! Stonewood is truly interested in building confidence and strengthening riders. I can't wait to see where the future takes us!

Deanna Mason